Thursday, March 4, 2010

Changes and Unexpected Blessings

Hi All! I have gotten many emails wondering where in the world I have been and if I am coming back. The short answer is that I have been entangled in lots of life changes and yes, I will be returning soon.

I recently became a card carrying member of the working moms club, so there has been many adjustments that come along with that considering my 4 year old has only ever known a stay at home mommy. Nannies, new schools, crazy schedule and a brand new pregnancy. Yes, ladies, I am officially 3 months pregnant. In fact, life has been so crazy lately, that I didn't even notice until I was really late. Explains alot about being so tired I can sleep standing up, feeling like my insides are trying to turn themselves inside out and why tears seem to be my standard response to simple daily challenges. Nevermind that I have been home doing the mommy thing for 4 years and now is when my next little blessing is deciding to grace our presence! Oh the irony...

Now that I am starting to get a better handle on life's new realities, I am ready to get back to sharing my tips in the kitchen and would LOVE to hear yours! We all know that all moms work super hard to take care of their families, but working mothers have a major time constraint in the kitchen(at least I am finding that is a big challenge for me). I can use all the help I can get(and I am sure their are others like me), so please, please, please, comment and tell me what your tips and tricks are to delivering healthy meals to your family even when you barely have time for sandwiches between laundry and checking homework!

I will start: I cut up produce when it get it and store it into containers in the refrigerator. At mealtime(or when I pack my son's lunch for school)I can just grab what I need to make a salad or a side of fruit and know that my family is still getting the nutrition they need, even if I am gone 10 hours a day!


Acuna 411 said...

Congrats to you and your family on the job and the pregnancy!! I know you have wanted another child for a long time now and I am glad you have been blessed! Yay!!

As far as short cuts go... now that I am working 10 hour shifts (four days a week) I have really consolidated meal prep. I cook several chicken breasts on Sunday and use them in different dishes through the week (tacos, salads, stir fry, anything quick) and I have also been using the crock pot more. We are friends of take out too - I pick up Subway sandwiches on the way home on Mondays.

AZGreenMomma said...

Such an exciting time! Congratulations!

I like to take our favorite meals like meatloaf and soups and double or even triple the recipe so I can freeze the extra. Then, just pull a ready-made meal out of the freezer before you leave for work and pop it in the oven or on the stovetop when you get home! I can tell you from experience that your mealtloaf, roasted tomato soup and zuppa toscana recipes freeze terrificly!

Lucy and Ethel said...


Seems like there are several baby Blogfroggers on the way :)


Amber said...

Thanks ladies! Love the suggestions:) Keep them coming!

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