Monday, July 27, 2009

A special cake for Papa

Since I write a recipe blog, I thought I should include a photo of my son doing something food related for this week's blog hop. This photo was taken last Christmas while my budding chef helped me make a special birthday cake for his Papa. I know what you are thinking....your family eats cake? Well, of course we do and this one didn't even have any flax or pureed vegetables! It also did not have any eggs in it, so no child was at risk for salmonella during the making of the cake:) The recipe you ask...a family secret lovingly passed to me from my friend, Amy, so I am afraid I can't share it.

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CFMama said...

Awww, love kids and cakes. Boo, no recipe? hehe

The Martin's said...

You're such a tease! But MMMMM....we'll be whipping that cake up next week for my mom's birthday!

The Mommy Chef said...

I know! I tell everyone about the cake and then tell them I can't give out the recipe:)