Monday, May 11, 2009

Sno Cones

I loved sno cones when I was a kid. One of my fondest memories was watching my brother's baseball games at the park and eating a rainbow sno cone. Nevermind that it always seemed to end up on my shirt or that my tongue was BLUE for hours! There is just something so sweet and refreshing about enjoying freshly shaved ice with lots of sugary flavoring! Now that I am a mom, I want to share that same excitement with my son, but I don't want to share lots of unnecessary sugar and food colorings with him. SO, here is an alternative that you can feel comfortable with and your kids, well, they won't know the difference! They will just think their mom is the coolest mom in the world!

1 C. 100% fruit juice
ice cubes trays
dixie cups
blender with a crush feature or shaved ice machine

Pour juice filling one tray of cubes(about 12 standard cubes) and freeze. Add cubes to blender or sno cone machine and process until ice is crushed/shaved. Spoon into cups and enjoy! Makes 4-6 mini dixie cups.

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