Sunday, December 28, 2008

As you know, I am a big fan of Miss Jan's book, Nutrition for Learning. She is trying to get her book and ideas presented to President-Elect Barrack Obama on Inaguration Day as part of the Ideas For Change in America on It is so vitally important to all prospective and current parents(and educators) to be educated about the "hidden hunger" in our children. When we don't offer our children healthy food choices and eliminate transfats and overprocessed fat and sugar laden food(if you can even call it that) we are not giving our children the opportunity to give the best of themselves developmentally or behaviorally. What is worse is that we are setting them up for a lifetime of health concerns that can be devastating like obesity, heart disease, cancer, alzheimers, etc. Not to mention, there have been significant improvements to autism, ADHD, depression and other debilitating illnesses when a child's diet is improved with whole foods. Please stand up and vote for Jan Katzen-Luchenta's initiative and show that our children's nutrition(starting preconception) has to be the most important topic in our country's health!

Please follow this link to vote!

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