Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mommy's Secret Weapon--Revealed!

As a parent, you can't leave the house without being fully prepared for anything to come your way, even if it is just for a quick trip to the grocery store. I remember the days when I would check and recheck Jack's diaper bag to make sure I could handle ANY emergency. Diapers and wipes, check. Change of clothes, clean bib and burp cloth, check. Bottles, teethers, rattles-check, check and check. When he was old enough to eat snacks on the go, things got a little trickier. I have always been super careful about what I feed him and being in a hurry didn't qualify as an excuse to give him something less than healthful, but let's face it. It is hard to find a huge array of nutritious items that will keep well in your diaper bag without refrigeration(which doesn't last long in AZ) that will also satisfy your child without making a HUGE mess! Well, the answer to this is Just Tomatoes freeze dried fruits and veggies! I have been giving these to Jack since he was about a year old and now we are coming up on his 4th birthday and I am still never without these snacks for days on the go. Our favorites are the strawberries and bananas. These fruit and veggie snacks are sweet and crunchy and have absolutely no salt, sugar, or preservatives of any kind. They make it easy to make sure your child gets all the nutrition they need even when you can't be at home at snack or meal time. Just Tomatoes now offers conventionally grown or organic versions of their products. I purchase mine at Sprouts locally, but most health food stores stock them regularly. WARNING: Highly Addictive!