Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favorite Snacks

Hello All! I just got back from picking my 3 year old up from his first day of preschool and, of course, his favorite part of the day was snack time. They served the usual goldfish crackers that he loves and I don't buy!LOL! I am honored to say that the director of his school has enlisted my help to revamp their snack list this year. How cool is that?! I have finished my snack list and plan to post it here for all of you who may want a couple more ideas in your arsenal too. Before I do that, inquiring minds want to know what your kids favorite healthy snacks are! So, come on over and visit me in my Community Soup discussion forum and put in your two cents. I would love to feature some of your best ideas with a shoutout to you and your awesome, must read blog! Visit me, share your ideas! I dare ya!


Tim said...

I love me some snacks!

Hope your having a good week!

Love and Prayers,


The Mommy Chef said...

Ah, thanks Tim! Right back at ya:)