Saturday, June 20, 2009

Save Money, Eat Well!

For all my fellow Arizonan's(and anywhere else you are lucky enough to have a Sprouts!)there were great deals to be had today at Sprouts. Here are a few of my favorite purchases:

Organic Milk(96oz)2 for $6
bulk bin Steel Cut Oats 2lbs for a $1(this will feed a family of 4 so many times, I can't even tell you!)
Wild Caught Halibut $5.99/lb....this my friends is almost unheard of!
Wild Caught Salmon $8.99/lb....get your Omega 3s!
Raw Almonds(bulk bin)$3.99/lb...a great healthy snack

Of course, anyone who shops there also knows they have great prices for produce and many other products of the healthier persuasion. can eat well even on a budget! Happy Shopping!

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