Saturday, June 27, 2009


As you know, I have been a faithful supporter of the local co-op organization, Bountifulbaskets.Org. I love Wednesday nights when I go online to purchase what I know will be fantastically fresh, delicious, seasonal and ORGANIC produce for my family to enjoy for the week! No matter how late I am up on Friday night, I am up bright and early Saturday mornings to drag my sleep starved self out to the pool yard near my home to pick up the weeks offerings. I bring home a large wicker laundry basket(yes, wicker is still in...right?)full of a rainbow of vitamins and minerals and smile like an idiot showing my husband this week's bounty...I am always amazed at how much beautiful produce I get for just $25! What is wrong with this picture?? Well, on the surface, nothing. However, this experience is only available to every other week! Please please please support the co-op by volunteering and purchasing organic when it is available. Please please please tell the administrators and site facillitators that we want beautifully fresh, seasonal, pesticide free organic produce EVERY WEEK! Ok, now I can go on with my Saturday. Just had to say my peace....

What? You don't participate with!? Go to there site now and experience organic produce nirvana!

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