Thursday, April 2, 2009

Apple Juice Sparkler

Juice is a wholesome, delicious drink that just about every child I have ever met LOVES! However, too much juice can fill up little tummies, so they don't have room for more nutritious options at meal times. Juice can also contain alot of sugar that can lead to cavities, obesity, gastrointestinal disruptions and many other problems too icky to talk about here! Pediatricians recommend that children ages 1-6 drink no more than 4-6ozs of juice per day or 8-12 ozs for older children. Well, if your kid is anything like mine, they would probably sell their soul for another glass of juice! A little trick I use to make juice go a little further each day is to mix it with sparkling water. I used to dilute it with plain water when he was little, but one day while we were shopping, we discovered Fizzy Lizzy. It's a carbonated juice drink that is roughly 70% fruit juice and 30% sparkling water(varies slightly by flavor). The only drawback to this little slice of heaven in a bottle is the price(4 for $4.99), so we started experimenting with it at home.

Apple Juice Sparkler
3/4 Cup 100% apple juice(we like Fragile Planet Organic Apple Juice)
1/2 Cup Sparkling water(sometimes super cheap brands aren't very fizzy and don't have as bubbly an effect.)

Combine juice and sparkling water and pour over ice! Makes 2 toddler servings or 1 big kid(or thirsty mommy) serving!

Try it with your favorite juice! FYI: Citrus juices tend not to be as tasty if over diluted.

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