Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be My Valentine

Oh, where to begin? Valentine's Day! I LOVE Valentine's Day and all that is pink, red and heart shaped. I love the campy, goofy homemade cards and the super sweet(and very atypical of healthy Mommy Chef recipes!)breakfast fare. I love to give sweet little gifts that don't cost alot, but mean so much. This year my son received a sweet little apron from Pottery Barn Kids(clearance $4.95!!!!!) and some measuring cups to call his own. Today we will go to the park for a picnic, bike riding and some serious kite flying, but later when we are home, we will be back to making heart shaped crayons. I know, I know, this is a FOOD recipe site, but I can't resist sharing this little project with all of you. Chances are you have the supplies handy already, so roll up your sleeves and show your love by making hearts with your little ones today!

Crayons, peeled and chopped(I chop them on foil, so I don't ruin my cutting board)
heart shaped muffin tin

Heat oven to 250. Have your children fill each heart in the muffin tin about half way with crayon pieces. I try not to do too many colors because the final crayon can get a little muddy looking. Bake until just melted(about 7-10min) Let cool for 5 min on the counter and then pop the pan in the freezer/fridge to continue cooling. When they are finished, pop them out and voila! Heart shaped crayon! Happy Valentine's Day!

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