Monday, November 10, 2008

Grocery Store Tip of the Week

I am going to try to post a tip each week for maximizing your trip to the grocery store. Please feel free to contact me with your favorite tips and look for them to be posted on the site!

Week One: Bulk Bins

The bulk section of the grocery store is one of my favorites!(not all stores have them, but they are generally available at grocery stores that lean toward whole foods.) Here you will find nuts, grains, beans, cereals, etc. It is a great opportunity to buy products your family loves and save money at the same time. I love to mix and match dried fruits and nuts with some low sugar granola for an easy trailmix.

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Miss Jan said...

Jacksmommy, this is such great advice. I am giving a presentation tonight at the clinic on the top 10 foods for fertility. I am putting together a trail mix for the participants. I truly feel offering seeds and nuts which are true fertile foods will help with infertility. All cells are nourished by fertile foods - not only the sperm and ovum. I wish you only the best with your Mommy Chef Blog and thanks so much for including me. *My biggest frustration with seeds, nuts, and grains is finding them organic.